Company Overview

At GoAhead Consulting we have a decade of experience in the contract resourcing and IT project staffing. Whether the entire project requirements are assigned to us or just a piece of work by a single resource, we will deliver the best match. We want to be a best long term partner for our clients and resources.

Our IT resources have both knowledge, experience and the know how to perform tasks assigned in a highly competitive environment. Every individual knows their role and have the means to perform it exceptionally well.

Based in the UK, GoAhead Consulting works with clients in UK, EU and in Middle Eastern counties like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. With a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in modern technology, we work to offer resources in all major areas in this massive world of information technology.

If you’re in need of a specific service relating to Information Technology, click here and get in touch with us! We’d love to work with you to see just how we can help. Throughout our time in business, we’ve worked with leading businesses and organizations across a wide range of industries and markets, providing us with ample experience to apply our services to nearly any business. In addition, IT systems are no longer considered a luxury – they’re imperative to the success of any business or organization. Our expertise lends itself to modern business practices because IT is the way of the future.

It’s time that we move forward together and ensure that every last business or organization operating within every last industry or market has the proper, innovative, cutting-edge, and highly advanced IT systems that today’s technology is capable of offering. And at GoAhead Consulting, we’re prepared to lead the way through our extensive expertise and our steadfast dedication towards helping today’s businesses and organizations succeed all across the board.

We are specialists in finding best quality resources whatever may be the skills, with the shortest deployment time onsite between 7 to 10 days (subject to signing of paperwork and formalities required).

We help in business transformation

GoAhead Consulting provides services to our clients that contribute to the business transformation and their economic performance, based knowledge of client industries and processes and so called “out-of-box” flavor from other industries into it. We never forget to take the expert opinion from recent research of academicians when to consider short-term and long-term strategies for growth.

Outsource Solutions

GoAhead Consulting has the capability to provide a range of solutions for clients and has core competencies in all areas of business clusters, process and talent outsourcing. With state of the art technology expertise, our core competencies range from .NET to emerging technologies such as ERP.

We connect people

GoAhead Consulting works at international level to connect our clients with top talent. We make it a priority to fully understand our clients’ organisations and business issues and then the resources skills and interest areas; all with a view to ensuring the right fit, not the immediate fit to the project. Whether we are working with a global organisation or a small firm, our service is second to none. Our involvement with the business match making process doesn’t start and finish with securing or supplying top resources. We give advice and support at every stage of the project lifecycle, from improving employee performance to consistently adding value and increasing productivity.

Candidate Management

GoAhead Consulting ensures all candidates get the highest level of advice, support, ongoing contact, career management and consultancy. It helps candidates to find a vast range of roles, from temporary or contract opportunities to permanent positions with leading employers. It also offers a comprehensive guide and support to contractors and acts as their umbrella or an opportunity of permanent employment.