Our Expertise

An  International  Company  Providing  Solutions in  the UK  and Abroad.

Based in the UK, GoAhead Consulting works with clients in UK, EU and in Middle Eastern counties like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. With a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in modern technology, we work to offer resources in the following areas and so much more throughout the massive world of Information Technology.

We are specialists in finding best quality resources whatever may be the skills, with the shortest deployment time onsite between 7 to   10   days   (subject   to   signing   of   paperwork   and   formalities required)

– Technology Strategy and Roadmaps

Business Architects

Business Analysts

Change Management

Enterprise-wide information specialists

PMO Design and Effectiveness

– Project Managers

System Engineer

Project Management

OS system-level software

Embedded systems


All Telecommunications Skills

Helpdesk Process

Design and Management

Hardware engineer

Network designer

IT Security, data storage and disaster recovery

NOC metrics and reporting

Vendor Management

Application programmer

Data managers and analysts

Database Admin


– Software architect

– Web designer, developer

Multimedia architect

– Website and Intranet Development Teams

SEO and Keywords Analysis 

Helpdesk Process Design and Management

Project management

Quality Assurance-

– Research and System Selection

ERP Suites

SAP all modules

Oracle EBS

Artificial intelligence (AI)