IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing, business processing outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing are now becoming common business practices. Forward thinking organisations engage in outsourcing as they recognize that some activities are not core to their business, and can be achieved more effectively, from both the angles cost and time can be saved by using a specialist.

GoAhead Consulting has adopted a mixed model, which combines advantages of Onsite and Offsite models.

Outsourcing services are provided by us to the following models:

  • Onsite Model – GoAhead Consulting specialists and consultants are seconded for work in the client’s development, support centers.
  • Offsite Model/Offshore – GoAhead Consulting employees are located at our office and co-operate with clients on a remote basis.

Both the models have their own advantage and disadvantages, seeing the requirement of the client. It can be best advised that matches the requirements of the client. Sometimes, a hybrid model which is the mixture of both the models above can be preferred.