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Umbrella Company
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An umbrella company allows contractors to gain a contract without needing to create and operate their own limited company.

An umbrella company provides the same legal and tax structure as having your own limited company except that instead of owning the company outright you will share ownership or benefits with other contractors in a similar position. You don’t have to know or meet the other contractors since your financial affairs are effectively run as a division of the umbrella company.

Your services will be provided to your client/agency through the umbrella company.

You can continue to use the umbrella company when you change contract or restart after a period of not contracting.

It’s strictly a pay as you go system, there are no hidden costs.

At the end of each week you will advise both us and your agency of hours worked and rates payable and we shall raise invoices on your behalf.

As soon as we have received settlement of your invoice we shall initiate a transfer of funds into your personal bank account.

Funds will therefore be received in your account up to three working days later. There is no need to run a separate business account, we do this for you.

With a range of packages, the umbrella is a simple solution giving you greater flexibility.

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